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Microfiber Towel Detergent - 16oz


This super concentrated Microfiber Detergent is an advanced detergent formulation which cleans, restores and maintains microfiber! Quality microfiber towels are the corner stone of any high quality detail. With clean towels you can ensure you don't add any micro-scratches. However if contaminants or other abrasive particles are lodged in the towel the microfiber towel becomes a potentially dangerous tool, which defeats the whole purpose of using microfiber products. Protect your microfiber towels by caring for them after each use with this microfiber detergent. Microfiber towels have hundreds of thousands of tiny micro-pores where contaminants are collected. Removing these contaminants is essential to preserving your microfiber towels in the best possible condition. Add one ounce of the microfiber detergent to small loads or two ounces to larger loads. The towels will come out clean and safe to use again!

Product Number 661799379274
Size 16 ounces
Top Cap
Usage 1-2 ounces per load
  • Model: 661799379274

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