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Fabric-Guard - 16oz


Fabric-Guard is a professional grade carpet and upholstery sealant that works like a shield to secure fabric surfaces against fluids, dampness, pollution and stains. Just spray Fabric Guard on any fabric and the strong solution will bond to and seal the fibers for protection up to 12 months. Even the most careful owners can accidentally step in grease or have careless passengers that stain fabrics. The barrier created by the Fabric Guard will help repel stains, soil, harmful UV rays, water, mildew, salt, soda, coffee and anything else your fabrics come in contact with. The strong bond it forms with any fabric protects the surface while still allowing the fibers to breathe and remain flexible. Perfect for car upholstery, convertible tops, sofas, chairs, carpet, etc. Accidents will happen, but the Fabric Guard will be there to protect your fabrics.

1. Mist evenly over desired area.
2. Allow 10-15 minutes between layers (if multiple layers are desired).
3. Allow 30-45 minutes to dry.

Product Number 661799379243
Size 16 ounces
Top Sprayer
Scent Odorless
Color Colorless

  • Model: 661799379243

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